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Our Story

A dedicated team of automotive artisans who tirelessly work together to achieve quality restorations.  Restoration work is carried out in Europe. We look forward to taking care of you as a customer regardless of where you live.  We are well versed with the requirements of International Customers and you will be well taken care off. 

As discerning enthusiasts ourselves we spec out each truck as if we were going to own it.  What options would we use? What amenities would we want it to have?  How would we make it more visually appealing?  How can we preserve an Icon, keep it a classic but make add period correct options?  These are the questions we ask ourselves before every build.

We always put ourselves in the customers shoes, and ask ourselves, if I was buying this vehicle how would I want to be treated by the restorer?

Our conversations and circle of friends stem from automotive interests as far back as we can remember.

We will continue to challenge ourselves to improve our product and keep it new and exciting.

Collector vehicles for true enthusiasts. 

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